I think its just as simple as women not wanting sex. It really is that simple.


women rarely even enjoy hook ups either, something every man dreams of having endless amounts of.

Men want sex and seek sex out (which women hate) women already laid out clear instructions to never try to date them or have sex with them.

Men want sex all the time, while women dont. If women desired sex, ugly men wouldnt be sexless. It is that simple. Men WILL have sex with women who are ugly, women wont. Because women dont want sex.

I think thats the whole thing really, just women arent as horny as men. So they dont really appreciate men wanting them all the time.

Men are considered the pursuers culturally because theyre the ones who desire sex, women dont.


I had to look for even more statistics and omg i looked at other nations dating app usage as well and women are always the tiny minority.


tinder is included in that data as well.

this is gonna sound nuts, but if you look at transgender people who were assigned male at birth..... they were MORE LIKELY to look for sex online, than transgender people assigned female at birth.


WE have to conclude that its women NOT desiring sex. Saying this data doesnt prove women are unimpressed by men would be insane.

The majority of dating site users are men, lonely men desiring dates and sex, while there is a minority of women, who seek more elite men.

anecdotal but Ive asked women why they rejected me and the majority of times, its been money, or how I look, being called ugly or "not my type" hundreds of times is pretty normal for men. at least for me it is. and im male.

Basically, my analysis of men not getting laid, and me as well, is because women simply arent much attracted to men.