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If western women were more polite and honest they'd be less hated

January 2, 2023

I am an unattractive man. I have formed a strong dislike of western women and it's not because I can't get laid. I have never asked a woman out nor have I attempted to date or make moves on women because I know I'm unattractive. I simply want to be left alone but throughout my life I have been bullied and insulted by women for my looks. Be it in school or a job women will insult and make fun of me. Whenever I post my face online there's always women in the comments cracking jokes. I have seen way more women doing this to me than men, it's because women are more shallow and vapid overall. You only have to see how they treat women who they see as unattractive in school to see that. Furthermore studies show that women will completely avoid talking to a man in non sexual situations if he's unattractive and also feel a higher amount of sexual disgust by just talking to an unattractive man than men do talking to an unattractive woman.'s_Disgust_and_Attraction_Towards_Men_Is_Unaffected_by_Sexual_Arousal

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Title If western women were more polite and honest they'd be less hated
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