Everybody likes to believe that the reason why they are unattractive has to do with their weight.

And this applies to men and women. What I am about to explain is a perfect example of just-world fallacy. After all, losing weight requires discipline and will power, but it's doable. Changing a very ugly bone structure is impossible. So, what do people do? They love to blame it on their weight. Think about it. Imagine you are ugly, assuming you are not already. What do you want to hear? Do you want to hear that all you have to do is lose weight, get a nice haircut and crack trite jokes, or do you want to hear that no amount of weight loss and lifting will make you proportionate and attractive?

In some cases, the extra weight is the real culprit, but in MOST cases, it is not. Yes, I know that being overweight is what is holding back a small percentage of people. But people love to believe that they are ugly for things they can change through willpower. People LOVE to believe that all they have to do is go to the gym and lose weight. Truth is that in most cases, I would say 95% of cases, being ugly boils down to bad genetics. It boils down to immutable and unchangeable things, and that includes a myriad of things that cannot be changed, not even through reconstructive surgery. People HATE acknowledging that.

Look at all the content creators who make millions off of selling lies and false hopes to desperate people. The typical advice given to women struggling with dating is, "lose weight, go to the gym, lift weights." The typical advice given to men struggling with dating is, "lose weight, go to the gym, lift weights."

I frequent several gyms and I see a lot of people who are fit and have no weight to lose and yet they are still conventionally ugly. I see guys who lift and have a very low percentage of body fat, but they are still ugly because they are short, have very asymmetrical faces, misshapen heads (and yeah, people perceive these things unconsciously). narrow faces resembling barn owls. I see how brutally rejected these fit guys are by women. All I have to do is sit in a corner, blend in, and watch carefully. And I am talking about guys who are in optimal shape but are still shortlets or have other physical shortcomings. And this applies to women too. I know women who have lost like 30 lbs and now they have a flat ass, flat boobs, and look older in the face.

Personally, I don't get offended when guys send me dick photos. It helps me avoid awkward moments because I have jumped in the sack with men and I later found out they had very unattractive or small genitalia. Am I shallow? Fuck yes. Guys are more shallow than me.

Now, weight loss more than 40 lbs causes skin laxity. No amount of weight lifting can fix that. You need to surgically excise the excess skin. I have seen people looking flaccid and deflated after weight loss.

Please stop blaming everything on the weight. Some women are thin and ugly. Maybe they would look better with a bit of extra weight, but they have an unattractive facial structure.

I get a lot of hate when I tell people that losing weight, wearing nice clothes, being fit will ONLY MARGINALLY improve your chances. And some women look better and younger slightly overweight.