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It is outrageous that two of our needs (affection and sex) are totally controlled by someone else (women).

August 16, 2022

Imagine if getting water was as difficult as getting affection and sex, controlled by women's preferences. If she likes you, you can quench your thirst.

Affection and sex may not be as urgent as the need for water, but they are certainly important for a person's well-being and development. Therefore, if I have a plethora of unpleasant physical traits such as being short, having a small penis, being skinny, being ugly, I am doomed to be unhappy and unfulfilled by not submitting to the hegemonic tastes of women. Even if women were paid for sex, I would be controlled.

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Title It is outrageous that two of our needs (affection and sex) are totally controlled by someone else (women).
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God gave you two hands for a reason beloved. Get to loving yourself if no one else wants to.

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Imagine comparing water to sex. You'll live (maybe) three days with no water. You can live forever and have a full life without sex. But fear not, 98% of people (United States) ultimately do have sex/dates/relationships and most of them marry.

Imagine comparing a sexual or romantic partner's consent to keeping someone from water. That's a bit of a hysterical analogy.

By the time someone gets close enough to ripping your clothes off they're not going to care that you have a small penis as long as you care about pleasuring your partner in general and are curious about ways to pleasure them.

You're not overweight so you already have a conventional appearance "edge" over a majority of men (in the US). Also you may think you're ugly but you are likely someone's type.

Don't blame women as though they are killing you. Odds are, even with your attitude you'll still get laid and have relationships along the adventure of your life, but I really hope you stop thinking women are in control of providing for your desire for sex and affection.

[–]melody_of_No Pill 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

It sucks that one gender has complete primacy in that area. But what are you going to do. Take away people's rights?

Try to find fulfillment in other areas of life if you can.

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