Typically men are blamed for being creeps, there are advices to learn how to talk politely, respecting boundaries etc. But in the end, it seems to be no safe way to do it. Men still can be considered creeps, because woman feels so.

Recently, I've seen such a text from a woman complaining about creepy man. And she got total support from other women:

Why don't sone men get that they're being creepy?

The other night I got out of my second job at dusk. I had to stand between two large parked cars while waiting for an opening to cross the street. Then I heard from behind me, "Excuse me... Excuse me, ma'am?" I turned around to see a man, probably in his 20s, with slicked back hair.

"I just wanted to tell you that you're cute and beautiful." Unsure of what he might do, I thanked him. Before I could turn around again, he asked, "I was wondering if you would go out with me sometime?"

I said, "No. I'm married." And thankfully, he just said, "Okay. Have a nice day." And walked away.

I'm just wondering what he expected. Why did he think that approaching a woman he had to have seen for a maximum of 10 seconds before approaching her would make her feel anything except fear? Yes, he was polite and kept a small distance, but I was standing between a truck and an suv, with my only escape from him being stepping into traffic. All I can think is that he can't understand why he's rejected when approaching total strangers because he's being "nice." And he might have had innocent intentions, but I have no way of knowing that. (Also, I am actually married.)

Sorry if this is a bit rambly. It's just been bothering me for the past few days. I know every woman had a story like this, but I just don't understand why men don't understand that they're being creepy.

How can man be blamed for being creepy, if it doesn't depend on their actions, but on the thoughts of women?