1. 10 years ago when that "walking around NYC as a woman" came out harassment was defined as shoutin vulgar sexual catcalls, now we came to the point where men saying "I find you interesting wanna grab coffee sometimes" gets labeled as harassment because it "bothered" a woman going about her day.
  2. women said approaches are fine but learn to take a clear "No thanks" for an answer and leave now they demand you immediately get the "hint" that she's disinterested and no mercy is shown to those who are bad at reading non-verbal cues (which is ironic coming from a generation of self-diganosed autists and ADHD'ers)
  3. While consent gets re-defined as requiring nothing less than a enthusiastic verbal "YES" a woman's social responsibility to know how to reject men (that includes men bad at reading cues) no longer requires of her a clear verbal "NO".

For every "don't bother women when they're running errands, but clubs & bars are OK" there is a "that guy who tries to flirt with you on your girls night out" complaint.