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Men here don't chase "all types of women". Otherwise, they wouldn't complain about one type of female.

July 25, 2021

This is inspired hearing guys here claim "Men cast wide nets and they still get no catch", and "We chase all types of women and we're just telling you about female nature."

The typical complaints I hear on this subreddit:

  • She has "Beta orbiters".
  • Fucks Alphas ASAP, but has Billy Beta waiting for it.
  • Has hundreds of male followers online.
  • Always expect men to pay for dates.
  • Only dates beta males for a free meal.
  • She rides the cock carousel.
  • Only settles for a Beta when she's 30+ years old.
  • Egoistic
  • Blames everyone else for her awful taste in men.
  • Very entitled and expects everything to be handed to her.

These are oddly specific qualities of a female that I don't possess, and I rarely see other women possess. Assuming guys aren't lying about their experiences, I have met that type of female and quickly lost contact with her. Why? Because she's an obnoxious manipulative drama queen. However, she always has a boyfriend with her because she's outgoing, hot, a party animal, and very sexual with guys she barely knows. Of course she's egoistic. Guys love giving her attention and they go so stupid over a nice pair of tits in their faces that it's hilarious.

"But all women are like that!"
What proof?

Most women in their 20s have less 5 sexual partners.

BOTH men and women fuck more within a steady relationship than single. Also, with the exception of 0 partners, men have more sex partners than women annually by a 2-to1 ratio.

Accross multiple countries, women showed to have lower self-esteem than men. If most women were entitled prima donnas who think they can do no wrong, it would definitely show. Yet, it shows the opposite.

"All your posts are wrong because everyone's lying!"

Well, you better have proof that you're right and I'm wrong.

Even if most women are bimbos, you can't find women who AREN'T bimbos? Most women I know aren't bimbos. Just like most men I know aren't disgusting perverts that excuse vile behavior of other men. Most people I know are nerds because I choose to surround myself with nerds, not because they’re the majority.

If men truly do go after all types of women, why don't men put in the extra effort to avoid bimbos?

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Title Men here don't chase "all types of women". Otherwise, they wouldn't complain about one type of female.
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