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Men should NOT be grateful they even get to betabux

July 13, 2020

This is in response to the post trying to condition men to cater to the feminine imperative.

The fact of the matter is, it would be irrational, disadvantageous and asinine for men to marry typical modern women who have extensive sexual histories with numerous men. Reason being, these women have an unrestricted sociosexual orientation, which means that they are less committed to their partners and are more likely to cheat and divorce than their sociosexually restricted counterparts.

See below excerpts of two studies confirming this fact:

Individuals with an unrestricted sociosexual orientation (SO) are less committed to their romantic relationships and more likely to engage in infidelity.

Not surprisingly, an unrestricted SO has been associated with a greater willingness to engage in infidelity when using either self-report (Barta & Kiene, 2005; Ostovich & Sabini, 2004) or behavioral measures (Seal, Agostinelli, & Hannett, 1994). Previous studies have shown that those with an unrestricted SO are generally less committed to their romantic partners (Jones 1998; Simpson & Gangestad, 1991), and low commitment is often a predictor of infidelity (Drigotas, Safstrom, & Gentilia, 1999).

Similarly, those with an unrestricted SO are often looking for new, attractive partners (Simpson, Wilson, & Winterheld, 2004).

Mattingly, B. A., et al. Sociosexual orientation, commitment, and infidelity: a mediation analysis. The Journal of social psychology 151.3 (2011): 222.



Women’s number of pre-marital partners: percent who cheated once married

  • 2: 10.4%

  • 3: 14.9%

  • 4: 17.7%

  • 5: 21.6%

  • 6-10: 26.0%

  • 11-20: 36.7%

  • 21+: 46.8%


More studies here

These women have a very relaxed attitude towards sex (ie, “it’s just sex”), seek novelty and variety in sexual partners and partake in casual sex since they do not require commitment nor emotional investment before engaging in sexual intercourse with a new partner. It is therefore self-explanatory why these women cheat more.

So, if a man chooses to marry the typical modern woman who has an extensive sexual history, he’s not only paying full price (marriage) for what other men for free (FWBs), but there is also a very high probability of infidelity, marital dissatisfaction, as well as divorce.

As a result, there are no benefits associated with marrying women with post wall women with high body counts; only drawbacks.

If a man chooses to get married at at all, it should only be to a woman with restricted sociosexual orientations (those with a low body count).

This is because women with a restricted sociosexual orientation eschew casual sexual relations and only have sex in the context of monogamous relationships since they require emotional investment and commitment before engaging in sexual intercourse with a new partner. It is therefore self-evident why these types of women cheat less.

Additionally, men should never feel guilty for having standards nor should they fall for the absurd shaming tactics that women use in an attempt to get you to drop these rational standards backed by studies.

These same women employing these shaming tactics will reject men if they are bisexual, or if they’ve ever used the services of a prostitute. As a result, completely disregard their shaming tactics and self-serving rhetoric; ensure that you get the best deal for yourself.

“The past is the past” only when it benefits women’s mating strategy and caters to the female imperative.

Moreover, these same high n women admit to cheating, but still screech, foam at the mouth and make futile attempts to disprove the infidelity studies when they are posted, even though their very own actions confirm the results of the studies. This just goes to show you where their interests and priorities lie.

Anyways, to conclude, one would be blind, wilfully ignorant and delusional if they cannot recognize the pitfalls associated with committing a lifetime of financial and emotional resources to women with extensive sexual histories. No man should entertain the ridiculous notion that they should be “grateful” to clean up the messes of a woman who wouldn’t have even given him the time of day a decade prior.

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