I see a lot of posts on this sub where women will argue than when they go out in public they will see how the average woman looks better than the average man, how in the span of 24hours you can encounter plenty of beautiful/cute women while it could take days to come across a decent looking man... this really isn't evidence of women taking better care of themselves (after all there is about as much unfit, overweight/obese women as there are men) the difference however is the stark contrast of beauty standards that allow for a diversity of looks in women, but stick to one mold when it comes to men:

  1. slim and tall tall or thicc and short women are seen as attractive by other women and men, short men usually go unnoticed
  2. a short plain faced girl with a plump ass or big tits can be seen as bomb by women and men, but a short bulked guy with a plain face is a mere meh
  3. a ghostly pale darker chick is seen as a alternative beauty, a pale guy is seen as pasty and unattractive anywhere outside a extreme niche subculture
  4. plus sized women can pass as thick and voluptuous beauties, overweight men are generally seen as out of shape slobs
  5. a girl with a weak jaw, pudgy face and big doey eyes will pass as cute and having delicate beauty, a man with a weak jaw and non-chiseled features doesn't turn heads

See how this works? Height alone is the great filter for this discrepancy in our perception -- what catches a woman's eye for example is a guys head sticking out of a crowd, if it doesn't he is just a part of the shapeless blob called the general public.