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Most Legitimately Average Men Don't Have Such A Huge Problem With Having Sex

June 2, 2021

From the moment I got on this sub, I've been seeing countless comments and posts from men (most of whom self identify as a certain "I" word) about how hard it is to marry, date, hook up or basically have mutually consensual sex with a woman in any way (except through a prostitute) for an "average man".

But what I see in reality (both through my own experiences in the world and most reliable statistics on the subject) is that most men (I'm talking like the 80-90%) have lost their virginities by the time they get to their mid 20s, and have been in an at least somewhat serious/long term relationship at some point by the time they reach that age range.

The truth is, most men who find themselves "involuntarily" virgin over the age of 25 are not actually "average". These guys tend to have more than one out of the following:

. Well below average looks by most standards

. Poor presentation of themselves

. Poor social skills

. An extremely limited or completely non-existent social life, usually due to said poor social skills

. No confidence

. An overly bitter, pessimistic disposition to the point of being seriously off putting

. A gigantic victim complex, usually combined with some other complexes too

. Terrible views about women

. Blatantly nasty/toxic behaviour

. Ridiculously inflated standards with regards to where they themselves stand

. Issues with their sexuality

So basically my view on this subject is that if someone is "involuntarily" virgin into their mid 20s or later- they are most probably quite far from "average" in some important ways. Because lets face it- that is not a situation that a guy who is legitimately around average by most standards in terms of looks, social skills, mindset, etc. wouldn't be finding himself in that position. If he did, it would most likely be the result of some sort of longstanding illness, accident or abuse. Not the fact that every woman he is interested in rejects him. Because that simply does not happen to "average" men with "average" standards.

Acknowledging this fact is the first step to sorting out the problem the "I" guys are facing.

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