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Most Men, By Nature, Are Meant to Be Sexless, If Not Sex-Limited

November 10, 2018

Throughout human history, the vast majority of men died as virgins in any sort of practical or utilitarian sense. From genetic evaluation, scientists estimate that women have reproduced at a rate of 2:1 to 3:1 relative to men on average for the entirety of human reproduction. In some extreme environments, this ratio goes up to 17:1.

Men would often die fighting other men's wars, gathering resources to provide for their tribe, or being indentured by other men. The men who accounted for most of the reproduction were alphas who survived war and who took women as they pleased. These were the conquering, brutish rapists which the war brides went on to fall in love with and the men who made the most significant genetic contributions to our current human genome (an epitome of this would be Genghis Khan). The other type of men who reproduced, though to a much lesser magnitude, were resourceful beta providers. They held value in their society, but an insignificant amount relative to the alphas. These men were the stable reproducers, who had to rely on transactional sex and hence – being sex-limited – never reached the level of sexual dominance and robustness that an alpha received.

Fundamentally, I believe PUAs and Feminists alike fuel incel terrorism. The PUAs sell these men who were determined by nature to not be deemed attractive all types of "positive vibes" and the average man is so weak, you can do it pussy!

Now, it's fundamentally bullshit on a lot of reasons. Firstly, these men are in it for the cash grab primarily. Secondly, women are always after the top 20 percent of men. So while their techniques and tactics might optimize the results of a high-value man, they will result in negligible returns for someone who is not close enough to that threshold naturally. Furthermore, most of your sexual value is determined by genetics and upbringing. You can do your best to change things now, but unless you're a complete fat fuck or you win the lottery, the changes you can make will almost certainly be marginal realistically, if not extremely gradual at best. Not to be misleading, men should strive to be physically fit and the best versions of themselves, not for pussy, but simply out of acting in their own best self-interest.

Feminists fuel incel terrorism in an inverted fashion. By constantly slandering and labeling all men as rapists; sexually frustrated men begin to internalize and accept the label of being a rapist – eventually moving to the stage of actually raping women. Since they've conjured up a caricature of labeling men in such a fashion, the most sensitive of men to this particular stimuli will act in the most psychologically opposing manner possible, even if self-deprecating to some degree. What's additionally cruel about feminists is they deliberately want to sexually limit men as much as possible. They don't give a shit about women being raped, want to know how I know? If they did care about women being raped, then they would be voting for any restrictions to be uplifted off of things like sexdolls/bots, porno, prostitution etc. All very robust alternatives that reduce sexual assault and rape at very statistically significant degrees.

Instead, what do they do? They moan and scream to the government to ban the sexdolls from the evil men, because the sexdolls never consented! Ridiculous!

Fundamentally, if men were taught this information at a young age, that the majority of men are meant to be sexless , if not sex-limited, then we wouldn't see so many sexually frustrated beta males and incels who go on to commit terrible acts to themselves and others. We would also be able to inform political policies to address these issues, such as legalizing prostitution and not banning sexual robots/AI. However, I know this won't occur. This implicitly devalues the average woman, which fundamentally goes against the gynocentric female imperative.

CLARIFICATION: Due to almost all responses being strawman arguments, this must be stated. I am not arguing that most men struggle just to ever get laid once in modern society — I am arguing that almost all men are not getting laid as often or passionately as they would desire (hence, they are sex-limited). The average married man is sex-limited, even if he manages to get laid twice a month.

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