Whether it’s misogyny or misandry, most of these people who have disdain to their opposite gender have been treated like an object by them at some point. Women being treated like objects by their male figures and men being treated like objects by their female figures. Most of these people treat other humans like a business transaction or a commodity and do not have a safe space to be vulnerable and be who they are. They just have to conform with gender-based roles. I know a lot of men who want to do feminine things like having pedicures at a nail salon but can’t do it because if fellow men finds out, they will be called “gays”. Same thing when women did a manly thing like driving a truck or doing carpentry just because they like it (but not acting like superior than other women). You rarely find a relationship that is based on common interests and values that are filled with love, respect, compassion and empathy with each other. Most of the relationships especially what we see on social media seem to be transactional or worse parasitic. Women will be told they need to find a partner that is rich, tall or muscular and men are told to find a partner that is skinny, feminine and submissive when most of us don’t fit in any of these standards. We forget to be humane and genuine and we just act like a certain gender, race, or religion.