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"Nice Guy" is just a strawman women use to describe men they don't like

September 2, 2022
  1. as a boy the "nice guy" fell for the little lies his own mother fed him. Then the boy entered high school and started noticing the girls were dating bullies and merely asked "why do they get girlfriends when I treat women with respect?" Later in life he discovered that violent jerks and wifebeaters get more sex and that their misogyny does not make them unattractive as we were told. It was patently false.
  2. Misogyny, so they tell us, is why "nice guys" are excluded, but not misogyny in the sense of beating women, misogyny in the sense of discussing topics like this over the internet or feeling frustrated entitled. Women can "smell it", through the internet somehow.
  3. and women, for some reason, lack the self-reflexive awareness to even come close in acknowledging dating behavioral patterns. They just drift through life internalizing social dynamics as a given or "just how things are, dummy", labeling the men who would question it "entitled misogynists".

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Title "Nice Guy" is just a strawman women use to describe men they don't like
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