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People over-glorify youth. Specfically, the 18 to 24 demographic.

April 25, 2020

“What does this have to do with The Red Pill or Blue Pill”?

This idea that beta males miss out on a woman’s “best years” is stupid as fuck.

What do you expect her to do with her “best years”?

Marry guys as soon as she leaves highschool? People who marry between 18 and 24 have a higher divorce rate than people who marry between 25 and 35.

(I have more links though. This is just one example.)

“But older women have a higher chance of having babies with birth defects!”

  1. We’re in a society that has drastically improved the health women and infants who would have died in the past.

  2. Age doesnt becomes a serious factor in a pregnancy until she’s 40. The earliest is 35. That’s a 10 year space between “no longer in her prime” and a serious health risk.

  3. Statically, children of young mothers are worse off due to lack of money, lack of resources, and an unstable household. Also, increases the neednof welfare. Not every single mom got pregnant from a ONS. They also got pregnant in a relationship that didnt work out.

Most people 18 to 24 are stupid and broke. You’re spending more time figuring out who you are, making regrettable choices, dealing with past trauma, discovering mental health issues/treatments, and trying to have a stable income.

The only way 18 to 24 are her “best years” is if you want someone stupid enough to fuck you. Hence, that has nothing to do with prime years. Its how willing girls will fuck total losers and broke guys.

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