On this forum and others like it, specifically guys, have this idea that somehow there are supermodel level perfect looking guys are everywhere and are the only ones getting women. I think all the exposure of toxic content has gotten in the way of reality. The fact of the matter is that the number of guys who exist like this is so so low. A true 7/10 is rare enough, 8/10s even more rare and 9/10s honestly are basically nonexistent outside of the big name modeling brands. Objective 10s don’t exist and not to mention looks can get subjective in the above average range. I live in a major city in the northeast US and roam the streets and venues different times of the day and I have never seen a true supermodel level good looking guy in my life. Above average looking guys are pretty common (mostly 6s and some 7-8s) in large cities and it’s important to remember as a guy your competition is that, not Sean O’Pry. Furthermore, basically every attractive guy I’ve seen and known in real life puts a lot of effort into their appearance which includes everything face, hair, physique, style, accessories, etc. Complaining is one thing, but complaining and not taking the steps to become more attractive is another. I believe most guys can become above average looking by taking better care of their appearance and if you have good height or already have a solid base, you’ll be even better off. That being said, not everyone will become objectively highly attractive and appeal to everyone but that’s okay. Being above average and having a style and presentation that works for you is definitely good enough to get you success. You do not need perfect features all around to do well in dating and be desired by women as there are still plenty of attractive men with flaws.