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PSA: Women’s ability to have casual sex has no significant positive impact on our lives.

October 23, 2019

We spend 1/4 of our lives bleeding out of our vaginas. Another 1/4 PMSing. We’ve got yeast infections, UTIs, pap smears, ovarian cysts, bloating, cramping, sore tits and a sore back because of said tits. Self-esteem and self-image issues, PMD and PPD. The moment we start getting buds at 11-12 we get leering strangers and creepy uncles sexually harassing us. Complicated friendships and even more complicated emotions. Basically it’s just not a good time, especially when you’re younger.

And yet according to some of y’all on here, the ability to have six minutes of dry rutting by a 19 year old drunk frat boy with a pencil dick makes this all worth it.

PSA: it doesn’t. The ability to have casual sex for us is like getting a coupon to a really shitty restaurant. It’s like finding a soggy torn dollar bill on the ground. Propositions for casual sex evokes the same emotions as when your cat offers you a beheaded mouse to eat.

Some of you guys are the biggest hypocrites, always griping about female solipsism when you guys can’t even wrap your head around the fact that casual sex isn’t even 1/10th as important to us. I’d say we spend 1% of the ten years of our lives before we get married thinking about, wanting or looking for casual sex. And that’s during the times we are single. I spent more time thinking about food than I did casual sex. Even girls who didn’t care about school and just partied cared about their friends and clothes and getting fucked up more than casual sex. We don’t want a little dick and attention thrown at us by people we don’t know and don’t care about. We want a lot of dick and attention thrown at us by one man that we really care about. We want love and emotion and sex from one person and to give love and emotion and sex back. We don’t get this 90% of the time from casual sex and we also don’t even get off 90% of the time either. Furthermore, it is much more likely to have a negative sex experience and the rare positive sex experiences don’t make up for those at all.

So no, being female isn’t life on easy mode.

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