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Red Pillers: Don't call it "The Wall" - Call it "Her Sexual Prime."

June 9, 2014

It's not that you are opposed to wifing up a post-wall Liberated Slut. That's locker room talk, among boys. When you speak to women, you use "power talk" remember?

So, it's never "the wall." Instead, you simply say that women reach their "sexual peak" at 30. Say their 40s are their "Sexual Prime" if you really want to impress. The reason you are super attracted to pre-Peak women is not because they are young and fertile, it's because of your own insecurities. After all, you're just a guy, and we all know that men are clueless oafs when it comes to affairs of the heart (and loins.)

It takes a "real man" to sexually satisfy a woman at her Peak Sexuality, right? Just say you don't think you're man enough for it. You really need to work up to it, by practicing with a lot of younger women - and hell, maybe taking a refresher course with younger women now and again, just to keep in practice. Didn't Bill Murray use that one in Stripes?

Then, admit that you have sinned - er, I mean, internalized sexist notions due to patriarchy. It's probably going to take a lots of hookups and practice relationships while young in order to purge all that sexism, but you're committed to doing your best!

Remember the old 60s band the Mammas and the Pappas? Mamma Cass was obese. One of the Papas mentioned he had sex with her a few times, but said he never really wanted to commit, nor to publically acknowledge their relationships. His explanation?

"Mamma Cass was a big woman. I wasn't man enough, I didn't feel I could handle it, you know?"

It's all just a variation on, "it's not you, it's me." Take responsibility, be a man.

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Like any self respecting man wants to be some bar slut's panic button.

Here's a clue... If she's had 100 dicks - 101 isn't going to be all that special.

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[permanently deleted]

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why just be honest and admit it: you're not that into MILFs, some love them others don't, no shame no fault.

Wait, who said I wasn't into MILFs? This isn't about me, personally.

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