I can say that learning of the RedPill for me confirmed the things I subconsciously knew about women and relationships but didn't want to admit to myself.

Even though I think for the most part all 3 pills have truth to them, I can say the RP is the best pill to let most people know "Hey! Get off ya ass and do something if you're unhappy about your lack of experience!" even though it only applies to a certain degree

But I've seen some who were negatively affected (usually because of either rage or trying too hard to be an "Alpha" when they don't naturally have it)

I've also saw some who were barely effected by it at all (usually because they learn the info but don't do anything with it. Or they learn the info and determine the juice ain't worth the squeeze)

And I've heard a handful of success stories, but these aren't all that common from what I've seen

What are you guys' answers?