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'Self-love' is merely just a coping mechanism primarily for women

September 21, 2019

Self-love has to be the most pathetic and hilarious trend I've seen on social media. Unstable women get into FWB-type relationships with hot dudes who showed no real interest, get attached, fuck, then they cry when the dude finds another girl. A lot of social media innuendos tend to be projection of ones' insecurities and deficiencies. Someone who truly is confident and loves themselves doesn't need to go on social media scavenging for attention, hash-tagging #selflove — they just are. Someone who is strong doesn't need to assert themselves as strong — it's visibly noted by their presence.

The caveat about it that delves into female nature is women will almost always try to rationalize it as it being the guy's fault. Very few of them lack the capacity for introspection and objectivity to look at themselves and see what they did wrong.

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