This is nothing new. Women are rushed into having children. However, I see this pattern especially in the manosphere communities. Women are encouraged to marry and have children when they are still young, else they will become cat ladies.

Fuck yes, I would rather be a cat lady than be stuck with a man I am not attracted to or with children who hate me and are getting all of my time, energies, resources with no gratitude. Children who might curse me for bringing them into this existence and condemning them to meaningless lives. No, thanks. Give me kitties, I love kitties. I would rather clean a litterbox than wash my husband's underwear streaked with fecal skidmarks. I am just shocked at the naivete of redpillers. They think that marriages last forever and everybody lives happily ever after. Women are manipulated into dating guys they are not attracted to through fear; fear that their biological clock is ticking. Women feel their asses on fire because they are supposed to breed before it's too late, because breeding is the whole point and they will be happy. You were sold a lie. We were all sold a lie.

What do you think a child is going to do for your life? It is only going to complicate your life. I don't get it. Do you know how many women marry in their 20s, have children, and then they are divorced in their 30s? The underlying assumption is that you marry, you procreate, and you live happily ever after.

Do you have any vague idea of how many women regret having children? They do not openly talk about it, but there are many. Children are not hamsters. Even hamsters are a lot of work if you care for them. Now imagine children. Women who had children and then their husbands were no longer attracted to them. Or single moms being stuck with deadbeat fathers. And what does society do? Society blames women for their poor choices. Give me a fucking break. You can't win. It's a circular argument. You are supposed to have children asap, then if your husband nearly kills you and gives you an STD, it's your fault for your poor choices.

I interact, on daily bases, with women who dearly regret having children and now they are struggling dating even more because having children immensely lowers their market value. And these single moms attract men who might have ulterior motives... try to understand what I am implying here.

This is why I am happily childfree and I will always be childfree. I don't care.