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The Age of Consent Should Be Lowered (And Why Feminists Don't Want It Too, Despite Contradicting Their 'Sex-Positivity')

December 2, 2018

Inbefore I get mass-called a pedophile and whatever other kinds of bullshit. Most kids these days are losing their virginity in early high school, if not middle school; it's time to seriously reconsider a law that was appropriate at a time when a significant proportion of people saved their virginities for marriage and the average age for a woman to get married was in their early 20s. I'd say the age of consent should be ~16.

In the vast majority of European countries, the age of consent is set to 14-16 years of age.

However, why is it that feminists never argue to reduce the legal age of consent (outside of when it helps when considering female pedophiliacs to not be denoted as rapists) despite it being aligned with their sex-positive views? Surely they wouldn't want to prevent a strong 16-year-old woman from fighting the patriarchy by becoming a sexually empowered and liberated woman? It's because they simply cannot fathom letting go of any piece of power they can use against a man to ruin his life, especially a clause that allows them to legally destroy him without precedence. They can cry on and on about the "innocence" of the young female being preyed upon, even though she knew exactly what she was doing and willingly gave him consent. This is yet another oblique example of how the female imperative and the Sisterhood Uber Alles is utilized to apply double-standards to men and women.

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