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The majority of people in this community have an extremely warped view of sex.

October 26, 2020

The human mind is frankly obsessed with attaching ideas, forming links and creating labels. People also love to form distinctions between "good" and "bad". For example, how natural we find it to barrack for one football team over another. It has always been natural and advantageous to ostracize one group of members in society in favor of advancing others who also include themselves.

However, just because it's a socially advantageous strategy doesn't make it right.

I'm appalled at the number of people classifying sex as "losing" for a woman, even if she thoroughly wanted it. or that women (or men) who have too much of it are "disgraceful". Where I find something wrong is when people sleep with others who do not respect them. But I think anyone who surrounds themselves with disrespectful people consider themselves to be low worth and deserving of ill treatment. So this is not a sexual issue, it is a self worth issue. In this regard I would agree that some promiscuous men or women would share this characteristic, only out of a sheer number perspective.

Sex is always something I have never considered with anyone I didn't classify as a beautiful person, and never been something I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. It was always an action of each partner giving themselves to the other in order to reach mutual pleasure in the most beautiful way. But people reason that this is an awful, horrible thing to have too much of. And I can't help but find this view point sick.

It's nothing more than admitting that cultural influences have absolutely destroyed any semblance of a natural view on the world. Living life as though it is a chess game, each move needing to be heavily lamented over is not a god life.

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