Do you agree ?

Because you should. Women aren't attracted to men are who are;

• Men Below 5'5 ft (average height of a woman)

• Men Below 80IQ (average IQ of a woman in poverty)

• Men earning Below the average income of a woman

Men aren't intrinsically better than you, yes we are stronger and that's it - more athleticism, this is 2023. Studies have even shown men with higher testosterone are more likely to be jail, more likely to have riskier jobs, labouring jobs, more likely to die from cardiovascular disease, more likely to bald and more likely to DIE. Not saying it's worse to be a man but it's not all benefits.

Men aren't better than you, we're simply programmed to impress you for sexual access even from a young age, even as kids, all the action figured cartoons, toys, stories, novels, folktales, are all about chivalry and a man's duty in order for sexual access, we have all got to the point where we're all gaslighting each other and forgetting the actual evolutionary mechanisms that make women attracted to men.

Ask yourself is it harder for the average man to get in bed with the average woman, than it is for the average woman to get in bed with the average man ?

That's particularly why men have to do;

• Pick tougher, and higher paying jobs to attract you

• Work longer hours to attract you

• Select harder college courses to attract you

• Select younger women (because they make less money, so are thus attracted to older men)

There is literally rainbow coloured male birds in the wild whilst the females are bland, LIONS with maines, all for the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex.

Yet even after all of that, the worst jobs, and worst paying jobs, most homeless people are are men, it's like there is no middle-class, either success or failure.

The gender gap is a myth because the gap is from men wanting to impress women more than women want to impress men, it's always been a myth to hoodwink young impressionable women into forgetting almost half the men they know will die fatherless and will be considered undesirable to MOST women.

Most men are invisible to you

How many times have ever tried to impress an average man and got rejected, VS How many times has the average man tried to impress you and YOU rejected him ?

That's the way it's been since the beginning of time. Our primates would have never impressed the opposite sex unless there was physical prowess, leadership skills and as humans a nack for technology, growth, protection and stability.

I'm telling you now, the moment when men become equal to you in every way, is the moment you won't be attracted to them anymore than you are to another woman that you know.

Take what you learn and know with a grain of salt, the world isn't black and white, evil, good, weak, strong, woman, man. The men you hate probably became what they are thinking they'd attract more women from it, and if they're not attracting women, then they're failing.