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The Red Pill doesn't advertise. What's your screening strategy?

April 12, 2015

Detractors of The Red Pill have a fairly negative image of “Twerpers” in the real world. They read a bunch of angry, woman-hating rants on the internet. Then, out in the real world, they spot a group of loser guys sitting in the corner of a bar, bad-mouthing women. One of them lumbers over, sits a little too close, scoots his bar stool awkwardly, and speaks a little too quickly and uncertainly as he makes a pass. Is he kidding? You politely turn him down, but he gets all butt-hurt, starts giving you a hard time, calls you a slut to your face, slinks back to his group of loser friends, and they all start talking about you. You make a mental note to post something to r/thebluepill later about how you encountered a Twerper in the wild.

Meanwhile, you end up talking to and going home with a really awesome guy. He was cute, confident but not overbearing and aggressive, fun and a little cocky but not in an asshole way, pushed all your buttons and made you feel really comfortable with him, like he wasn’t judging you. You never talked to him again after that night, but you consider the one-night-stand you had with this guy to be a very positive experience. That guy was fun. He didn’t need any Red Pill shit to get lai…..wait a second. Fit body, good hair and fashion, direct and confident about his wants but in a fun and playful way, teased you a little bit and treated you “like a person” but not in a rude or insulting way, acted accepting and sex-positive and definitely interested in you and made you feel really comfortable with him but at the same time seemed like he was just out to have a good night and could have walked away from you at any time…that’s exactly what that asshole Archwinger from The Red Pill says that Red Pillers act like in public. Not that this is exactly ground-shaking advice that you’d need The Red Pill to learn.

I doubt that many “blue pillers” believe that the type of person described above (e.g., what The Red Pill says “works” on women) can’t get laid. I think the blue pill disconnect comes from their belief that a Red Pill advocate simply can’t be that guy. Blue pillers can’t possibly believe that a woman-hating asshole who posts angry rants on the internet can possibly hide that, act cool and fun in public (just like The Red Pill tells him), and “trick” a woman into having sex with him, all while laughing at her on the inside and thinking about what a dumb slut she is. They want to believe that it’s impossible for somebody that angry, that bitter, that toxic, and that misogynistic to hide it. They want to believe that it’s impossible for them to be so easily tricked and manipulated.

It’s uncomfortable to think that a Red Piller might be out there, and undetectable. They want to think that they’re smart enough to never accidentally fuck one of them, so they tell themselves that every Red Piller is like those angry losers at the bar, sitting in public, getting butt-hurt over a rejection and loudly calling women sluts. Yet three quarters of women claim to have an “asshole abusive ex” that they somehow never realized was an abusive asshole until after they’d fucked him a few dozen times. Not so smart.

Now I doubt that every single guy out there that a woman has a one-night stand with is an actual subscriber to r/theredpill. But a lot of guys out there employ various pick-up or red pill strategies (whether innately or by learning them). A lot of guys out there are just going out to pick up and fuck sluts, and they’re doing exactly what The Red Pill would have told them – looking hot, acting fun, pretending not to think negatively about the slut he’s talking to, etc. It’s probably not all that different of an experience for the girl whether a guy who’s out to meet and fuck sluts is a real innate asshole or a learned asshole who reads The Red Pill.

Any Red Piller with half a brain isn’t going to advertise, and any Red Piller with about half a year of practice picking up women isn’t going to come across as artificial or awkward. If you’re an empowered, sex-positive woman who hates The Red Pill and all that it stands for, what’s your screening strategy? How do you avoid accidentally fucking a guy like this?

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