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There is a “Men Are Wonderful Effect” inherent in TRP beliefs

September 29, 2020

Pages and pages and pages have been written around here about the flaws of women and their role in modern dating. The wall, n-counts, hypergamy, etc. But should anyone try to point out the flaws in the typical male’s role in dating—or just point out the obvious fact that they do what they shame women for—there seems to be a convenient explanation (hamstering) that maintain’s the red pill man’s role as sympathetic victim.

Racking up a high n-count doesn’t mean they’re more likely to cheat. They just compartmentalize casual sex women and wife material and appreciate them both the same. And “pre-selection” makes it Good Actually.

Men may cheat but only because they’re naturally polygamous. They still love and respect the women they’re cheating on—they just want variety.

The young virgin obsession isn’t about insecurity or a desire to control their partner. They just want a cherry car and they’ll love it—I mean, her—even after the natural aging process occurs because they bought it—I mean, married her—brand new.

Women shouldn’t worry about men who engaged in a lot of casual sex because they only dated down. The wife is the best in his mind.

Just to name a few. Even the old trope of men aging better than women is rooted in Men Are Wonderful Effect. Now I can’t complain too much about this since I naturally benefit from it, but we have to be able to call it out when we see it if we want to maintain any integrity. Is there anything about men’s role in dating that TRP admits is objectively shitty?

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