I see a lot of posts everywhere that talk about high standards. But is there really a set bar for what that standard is mainly driven. Are we talking it being mainly based on looks/height?

I know they say salary, but I know a some people who have a few million and still are having trouble meeting a woman.

My experience is it has nothing to do with standards, but that people tend to get bored with other people very quickly. Most dates now last 10 seconds to see if it can progress, but before online dating going to a bar was a meat market as well. That avenue was highly driven on looks in my major city.

I think the main thing is when you meet someone weather in person or online the first step is the 10 sec window of weather I think this person is attractive. Let's face it for both men and woman its all looks driven, but the next step goes into personality. You don't have to be a millionaire if you have the right look that the other person is looking for or even if you are not as tall as the other person wants. Its a very complicated formula.