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TRP is a natural response

August 13, 2015

I'm curious to hear opinions about the following hypothetical scenario.

Jim works at Bob's Widget Factory. Jim hasn't been paid in a little while, but Bob promises him he'll do so eventually. Jim is a hard worker, usually the first to arrive, and last to leave. That's what Bob told him would get him a raise.

Jim one day notices that Frank, his lazy coworker who just sits around all day, has a new Ferrari. When asked, Frank tells him that he's making enough to easily afford one. Well, Jim is a little peeved. He talks to Bob about it, but Bob tells him that his negativity is exactly why he isn't getting paid. If only he channelled his negativity into positivity, he'd get paid like Frank. This continues for a while. Hasn't been paid in months. One day Jim finally snaps, and yells at Bob. Asks him why he's not getting paid. Bob tells him that his attitude isn't acceptable and the very reason he isn't getting paid. He fires him.

Jim goes and starts his own business. Talks to other entrepreneurs for advice. Ignores what everyone tells him. And does amazingly well. People dislike Jim's new business because they think it's unethical. Jim doesn't care; he's getting paid.

That's exactly the process that creates new TRP'ers. Is there anyone here who can't sympathize with Jim?

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