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TRP is inherently a more developed worldview

September 21, 2015

One of the things that always struck me as odd is the notion that BP'ers don't seem to think RP men understand BP/mainstream narratives. The assumption that RP acceptance comes from a place of ignorance, of irrationally not understanding BP mantra and coming up with a nonsensical alternative. What they seem to miss is that most RP'ers were themselves some combination of BP/feminist/women-worshipping in their past lives.

As an example, I recall reading a discussion where a BP poster wrote something to the effect of "Why would you shame a woman for having sex? That just means less sex for everybody. Why would you want that? That's so ignorant."

This type of thinking comes from a lack of understanding RP'ers, not the other way around. Men who have become successful with women have no need for an increased distribution of pussy; they don't need trickle-down pussy economics. But it's hard to see this from the "have-not" side of the fence. To them, the RP'er is simply "delusional".

RP'ers understand this about BP'ers. We once thought like them. We once were them. Experience made us change our perspective. The reverse isn't true; BP'ers have never experienced life through an RP lens.

While there are a tiny handful of BP men who are older, it strikes me that most BP men are young and inexperienced, and have yet to experience things like female nature, divorce, and custody laws. They have yet to see the bigger picture.

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