I dont think women understand how much influence their friends have over them when it comes to decision making, and it is a huge reason why there are men who are heavily against their gf/wife participating in girls nights and just keeping bad company around them, period.

Heres Tyrese’s estranged wife speaking on the manner. She avoids accountability and places her decision on women being very emotional and making irrational decisions in the moment

We also have Tyrese speaking on it here. Pay attention to what he says in the first clip.

So im doing all these beautiful and nice things with a woman who should not be here? Is that what you guys are saying? Im doing all this with Zellie (current lady) When Sam (estranged wife) left me?

This is in response to people claiming that his new woman is simply and rebound/a mistress and being used to get back at Sam

Its as if people following the situation expected Tyrese to be a miserable lonely fuck while giving his estranged wife thousands upon thousands in child support.

Tyrese also speaks on how processing what happened has been hard because it came out of no where. He compares it to grief/death and someone who has cancer that keeps going away and coming back to someone who tragically passes and how a tragic passing is harder to process than the former

It is not stated in the videos but apparently the wife now wants him back, seeing that he is in a seemingly happy relationship with the current woman. I do not think Tyrese and Same are officially separated

Influence can end so many marriages and relationships. It also relates into the divorce topic on here and how WOMEN JUST UP AND LEAVE. No rhyme or reason, they just leave and it can be something as small as enough friends getting in their ears

Edit/added: So I believe they are officially separated. She came back to demand 20K in Child Support apparently