I’m just ruminating on my loved experience. I’m 38, married twice, probably 5 longer term partners.

The one thing which unites all of my LTR past the first month or two is all the women I have been involved with have been deeply unhappy about a lot of things.

Being a guy in a LTR is like having a never ending record of despair being played in your ear non stop. It’s not necessarily all “my fault”, some partner were like that I.e essentially quite abusive, but all of my relationships have been characterised by my wife or GF being unhappy with the current situation and wishing we were better off/living elsewhere/different work/ etc. You name it, whatever life you create won’t be good enough

My current wife’s favourite thing is to spend hours looking at other people on Facebook and then get depressed as she thinks they’re all richer/happier etc. I showed her Chris Watts and other famous killers/spousal murder Facebook family pics and try to explain its all an act, she just doesn’t get it.

Also, I note that generally my aim in life is to set little goals or have a to do list. My wife, and many other girlfriends before, is generally not to be this organised but have a long list of things I do around the house which bug her. Sometimes these contradict.

Is this evolutionary? Is it the woman’s prerogative to essentially nag her husband for what she wants rather than think of ways to get it? Case in point, there’s loads of stuff she does which I think: ok, I wouldn’t do it like that. Or “why does the sink need all these cleansing bottles when there’s a cupboard I installed right there?” - but i let it go, I feel like I’d basically be an uptight prick if I spent my life getting pissed off about this kind of thing, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for my current and former partners.

Bit of a convoluted rant but I really do feel like men kind of aim to be happy and stress free. The women I’ve known kind of make an effort to be upset and unhappy.