If you are a woman you know you will always have the privilege of knowing with a hundred percent certainty that that’s child is yours. The father cannot know without a paternity test and your children can’t either.

It feels like an obviously extremely important thing to do because it gives men the piece of mind that they are not being manipulated into supporting some other guys kid. And it gives children the truth so they don’t have to spend years wondering either. If you turn it into “he doesn’t trust me!” to men it feels like you are literally gaslighting them. If you have nothing to hide and didn’t cheat shouldn’t you gladly do it and even offer to do it so nobody not him, your kids or family and friends or coworkers will ever be able to doubt you on it?

Do you agree? What do you think about women who would resist a dna test and if you are one of those ladies what would be your personal reason?