Every lady I meet in her mid 20s upwards has her share of first hand horror stories involving these types.

Yesterday I was working at a community market and the lady in the neighbouring stall was - in the kindest way possible - short staffed in the looks department, however she was at one point harassed by an actually rather good looking guy to the point that I eventually had to wander over and tell him where to fuck. She told me that’s almost a daily occurrence at least when she’s working alone.

I almost instinctively blurted out “damn if that’s happening to you I can’t imagine how much unwanted attention sexy women are receiving” but luckily caught myself and had a discussion about her experiences and that of her friends.

It got me pondering: I’ve always assumed it was a fractional minority of sociopathic stalkers and abusive scumbags and opportunistic creeps that cast a large shadow because as it happens negative events eclipse positive experiences in our minds, but perhaps there’s far more of these degenerates among us than I first thought.

Obviously there isn’t some binary distinction between decent people and deranged deadbeats, and of course there is no shortage of reprehensible women in the world (often going to even greater lengths to conceal the fact), but perhaps the portion of genuinely well meaning guys who put other people’s well-being ahead of their gratification, operate with empathy and tact, manage their emotions and take accountability for their actions are more of an enclave than a silent majority. Or not.

What do you think?