Genuine question here. I’ve had a little lurk of the FDS sub and to be honest, I actually don’t have much of a problem with a lot of what they say. I’m perfectly happy for women to want an attractive partner and to filter out men who may be lazy or abusive or players and so on. I also have a fair bit of admiration for their opposition to porn and sex work simply because it’s against the grain of mainstream liberalism and not an easy or popular position to take.

However - what I don’t quite understand is why there are so many threads attacking low-value men who live with their parents and are obese and so on.

I mean I can completely and totally understand why these women wouldn’t want to date them or go anywhere near them, but I can’t understand why they take up any headspace for them at all.

For me, as a counter example as a man, if I see an overweight or unattractive woman, I’m not bothered by her in the slightest - I just don’t see her as a sexual candidate, shrug and move on.

Yet so many FDS threads express fury at LVM when surely these men won’t affect these women in any aspect of their lives whatsoever? Surely they’re a total irrelevance aren’t they?