I hear this often on this sub that men don’t care if a woman is educated.. But then I question the men that are saying this.. Because as I became educated in my 20s, the men that I was around in college, would only date educated women. For men to not be educated is a bit different because they can be a tradesman with a skill that makes money. Women if they have no trade won’t make money without an education. Men complain women are too needy and greedy yet if they had an educated woman she wouldn’t be. Then I hear men complain that educated women act too confident at home.. what do you guys want? A submissive housewife that has no mind of her own or a woman that has a meaningful purpose in life.. If I’m taking a poll, I would say the educated, intellectual guys on this sub would prefer an intellectual female. I would say the uneducated guys that have self esteem issues, may prefer an uneducated woman to not threaten his ego or masculinity..