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Why do girls match on tinder if they’re not gonna bother responding to messages? And why do guys bother with apps when they are purely crap?

October 19, 2022

As we all know, female profiles are outweighed between 10 to 20 by male profiles on the app. So if a guy gets a match it happens infrequently, so when it does happen he is going to feel a little excited “oh yeah haven’t had a match in days“. Then he drops a message to see what she’s like…..and she doesn’t even bother replying.

ive heard reasons such as “your opener is too generic” or “you just say hi, how’s it going and that’s not good enough, we want to feel special” etc, basically it always see,s to evolve around a lack of effort in the opener. Well, I dunno….coz even when guys do crack jokes or write a mini essay then most of the time they still don’t respond……so really what’s the point in wasting time reading her profile, commenting on it, asking about the dog in her photos etc when most of the recipienta aren’t gonna bother their asses to reply anyway ?

Honestly, drop the excuses ladies, don’t match with someone if you’re not prepared to respond, it’s a massive pain in the butt hole and makes the online dating experience tiresome and gruelling.

while I’m at it, ianyone who uses a dating app are to promote your IG and swiping right on every guy or uses a dating app with no intention of dating but just to get lots of messages telling you you’re pretty, there’s somethijg a bit twisted about that

for the record, I dont use apps, my past experience plus 99% of testimonies from men confirm it’s a waste of time…..message for the guys , especially the younger ones…..apps are not a surrogate for getting up off your ass and meeting girls, it’s infitely easier to meet girls IRL than it is online, no matter what your anxiety tells you, no matter what crap you read in men’s groups about women not wanting to meet men irl, it’s all crap, the dawn of Internet taking over social has left an infinate number of women craving to meet a man the normal and old fashioned organic way. Pick up balls and stop relyikg on a video game that is rigged against you and most of the opponents don’t care to play anyway

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Title Why do girls match on tinder if they’re not gonna bother responding to messages? And why do guys bother with apps when they are purely crap?
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