Women seem to outwardly show preference for feminine men on social media. They only seem to comment and interactive with other women or men who align with the feminine look and perspective. However they only do this because men who they find attractive, they do not trust, especially if they have low self esteem. Low self esteem makes them feel they aren't good enough to tame a masculine man. Almost every study says women prefer flings with masculine guys. As well as only being attracted to other guys when his face or behavior does not show hallmarks of masculinity. Women deem what is attractive in the opposite sex and vice versa and sadly masculinity is associated with "toxic". So these toxic traits are what get the vast majority of women. These traits consist of aggressiveness(sometimes pushy), emotionless or emotional mastery, and having the drive to go from woman to woman, but choosing not to for her sake. Women are primarily emotional lovers, and a masculine man and feminine man brings out two different feelings. One provides safety & purpose for her, and the other ends up making her feel incomplete. Feminine men are just a time waster until a woman can get her self esteem up to find a man. This is the core tenant of the Redpill. I can find no instances otherwise(besides for outliers).