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Women are the biggest body shamers of women

May 3, 2021

It seems like every time the issue of body shaming women comes to its always in relation to demonizing men for it.

The weirdest thing is all throughout my life, it seems to me that it's women who have been WAY more harsh with other women's looks. I don't think most men are ever in a position to be that picky. I think most men don't really care about big boobs or small boobs, they just like boobs. Slim or chubby, I will concede that outright obesity might be less acceptable. Even then, the subreddits for that body type are extremely popular. But anything below that I imagine most men would still be interested in.

Anecdotally, I remember confessing to a female friend of mine my attention to a woman who was pear shaped with big thick legs. She immediately pointed how big and with cellulite her legs were. Cellulite being something I couldn't care less about.

And the fashion models and magazines so many women starve themselves to look like, ALWAYS look like their aimed at what other women find "CLASSY and TASTEFUL". It's why they'll praise Kendall Jenner why trashing her curvy sisters.

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