I used to believe that it was weird that men are not beautiful like peacocks. Instead, women are regarded as the beautiful ones. Still, I realized men do have their equivalent colorful tail feathers, such as having some wealth, property, strength, ingenuity, etc. That is why women almost never commit to men who earn less, or at least are superior in some category to other men or compared to themselves.

Almost every building I see was made by men, so was my car, over 90% of inventions, internet, medicine, etc... but women do have their credit by being the motivation of men to do virtually everything. Men are usually OK with minimum life if they have their basic needs meet, but one of those basic needs is sexual, and women pull the strings to make men create wonderful things for themselves, their children... everyone. In a sense, following the comparison, the tail feathers of men are so big and beautiful that we have to go far away to see them, and all that is thanks to women inspiring and cooking for them.

Thanks to women existing, men have been motivated to create so many wonderful things we enjoy today, and they have increased life quality so much. Just women being beautiful, and desirable has been enough for men to build a world that is so rich and beautiful and impressive beyond belief.