The narrative has been spun that women were "oppressed" in the west.

Yet, from a different angle, they didn't really have to work. They were provided for with literally everything that they needed. The only responsibilities they had were tending to the housework and children. They faced little risk and enjoyed a lot of benefits that the industrial revolution brought with it. Their home lives were even made simpler with the invention of washing machines and new cooking gadgets.

Women had it made during the mid-20th century, so where did all of the complaining come from? Was it from a few hundred years ago in the past in a sort of "this happened so we need compensation for what those women had to endure" - reparational demand?

What really happened is that women uprooted themselves from their lifestyles and reduced themselves to working-class citizens under the guise of "equality." They now have to work for a living and men are less willing and able to provide a SAHM life that women once enjoyed.

If memory serves me right, there was nothing legally preventing women from working at all. It was mostly culturally frowned upon, much like being a SAHM currently is today by the progressives/leftists.

The only thing that women were not legally empowered to do was vote, which made sense considering that they weren't working en masse so a lot of the decisions being made weren't very relevant to non-working citizens. I think that women who were working should have been given the privilege to vote, but I don't think it was enough of a concern at the time to be considered given the fact that a minority of women worked and most were housewives.

I personally think that there is some conspiracy involved here, given who owned the media and who stood to profit more by opening up the economic market to women, but I'll just say that women had it much better than Feminism and the media would have people believe.