Sex trafficking someone isn't a crime of passion, it's a financially motivated crime. If you snatch someone off the street and try and force them into sex work you're going to have a lot of problems. First of all people are going to be looking for them, maybe they have friends or family or employment who will report them missing pretty quickly. Second of all they're likely to fight back or want to escape.

In literotica stories, there's a big scene of the woman who was taken getting "broken down" and molded into being a sex slave. But again this is a financially motivated crime. "Slave training" someone isn't making the kidnappers any money. There's no motivation to try and train a girl who has her act together into a life of sexual servitude.

There's no sense in picking someone at random who's just walking on the sidewalk. What sex traffickers actually do is target already vulnerable people. There's a number of approaches here. One is to lure the victim to another country with the promise of work. For example "come to Florida on a tourist visa and come to this address and we have modeling work for you and you can make all this money."

The benefit of doing it this way is you get someone who is isolated from their support network, in a desperate financial situation and is in an unfamiliar country. It's much easier than some random woman off the street.

Another way people actually get sex trafficked, is a pimp will enter into a relationship with someone who've they can tell is vulnerable. Who's already admitted that they have past sexual trauma, that they're estranged from their family and so on. In this case from the very beginning of the relationship they're planning to exploit her for money, and they're likely "dating" several other girls at the same time. These vulnerable girls will often initially "agree to" helping him out financially by sleeping with his "friend" and then things spiral downhill from there.

Another common case is women who are already sex workers being offered "protection" by a gang.

The point I'm making is that ordinary middle class girls aren't getting yanked off the street and sex trafficked. So if you see a truck following behind you at night, maybe he's being a creep and staring at or filming your ass. Maybe he has something even worse in mind. It's less likely but it's possible. But he's not planning on sex trafficking you. You're not going to be a happily engaged comptroller one day, then you get pulled into a van and you end up getting forced into sex trafficking. That's just not how women end up getting sex trafficked because it's really inefficient.