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Women feel the same way about men they’re not attracted to as men feel about gay men.

January 23, 2021

Credits to u/kissmetilyouredrunk for their based comment.

By far, with no competition, the easiest way to get men to understand how women feel about sexual attention from men they aren’t attracted to is to compare it with sexual attention from gay men. Some men scoff and say “that’s not the same!! I ain’t gay, of course I’ll be disgusted!”. This is spoken from the perspective of someone with a male sexuality (clearly) who doesn’t understand the concept of not wanting to fuck a person of your preferred sex. I know that this might be a shock to many men, but a man doesn’t have to unbearably hideous/horribly defected for a woman to genuinely not want him. It’s not just high standards or pickiness. It’s a visceral repulsion. One quite similar to how straight men feel when imagining sex with a man (especially one larger and stronger than he). It’s still not nearly the same with the threat of pregnancy being uniquely female, but it’s the closest comparison we could ever find.

Even if “repulsion” isn’t what you’d feel at the thought of fucking another man, can you honestly say that you’d value their sexual desire? Still having a ton of testosterone and a ballsack, gay men have a male sexuality being the most promiscuous group by far . With half of gay men having over 500 partners, it’s safe to say that they aren’t exactly picky about who they let in the sack. When you consider this fact plus the fact that you genuinely don’t want to be sexual with them, you might be able to understand why the “privilege” of having lots of men wanting to smash doesn’t exactly feel like a privilege to women.

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