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Women push men to adhere to typical Male stereotypes more than other men do.

December 22, 2019

It baffles me how women think they do not play a role when it comes to "toxic masculinity " (I do not like that word, but for the sake of the argument I will use it). Speaking from my perspective, if a man is lonely, all they really care about is finding a partner. It has been shown that women are happier outside of relationships compared to men, so women are less reliant on relationships to achieve happiness. So men are the ones really trying to form relationships.

Now, despite what some people will say on this post, there are some traits that majority of women find unattractive. A primary example would be emotional men. Women do not like guys who showcase their emotions as it is seen as a sign of weakness. Because of this, as well as other factors like media, men bottle up their emotions as they believe it is not masculine to be emotional.

Women's standards affect personality types in men as well. My claim is anecdotal here, but I imagine it is not too far from the truth. From my experience as a nerdy, timid man who enjoys quieter activities, not being an archetypal Male in a social sense is a death sentence in the dating world. Even nerdy, quiet girls don't seem to like nerdy, quiet guys. We are seen as feminine and weak (even though I work out 6 days a week, as I'm sure one of you will comment "just workout bro"). So I need to conform to the standards of toxic masculinity in order to find love and happiness.

If feminists want to change how men act (which I support), they should start looking internally instead of blaming men for all their problems.

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