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Women who struggle with men only wanting casual sex are shooting out of their league

January 10, 2022

I keep hearing this myth: Sex is easier to obtain for women, relationships are easier to obtain for men. People think this follows from the fact that women often find themselves wanting (but not receiving) commitment from the men they have sex with. It does not. Casual sex almost always entails the man being of drastically higher value. Meanwhile, the woman could easily find a man eager for a relationship if she gave her own looksmatches a shot.

Men in the dating realm (dating apps, singles events, bars, etc.) are very seldom taken seriously by a woman of similar value. Not sure if anyone still doubts this point, but the severely skewed ratios guarantee it. For the typical single man, a relationship with an even match is the dream scenario. Casual sex with relatively unattractive women is often just used as an inferior substitute.

I don't expect women to try to pinpoint their looksmatches and reject anyone better looking. That's clearly not workable. An effective strategy would be, if you don't want to be used for casual sex, don't have casual sex, and be prepared for that to weed out a lot of your hottest prospects. I can't imagine any woman adhering to that rule and not being able to attract a boyfriend in her own league pretty much on-demand.

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