Holy fucking shit. It's no wonder MGTOW don't want marriage. They put in no effort to make any sort of relationship work. They admit they don't want to do any research and shun research that doesn't fit their narrative. Also, their taste in women seems to be "be young, have big boobs, and a tight W.A.P." while not caring about her income, her intelligence, or her morals.

That's like an idiot who buys all these stock in random shitty businesses, and when the businesses fail, he screams "THE STOCK MARKET SCREWED ME OVER".

You're suppose to take calculated risks. Plan things out with forethought. That requires research, analysis, and thinking about what you want out of life. Not quick decisions solely based on emotions.

Most importantly, relationships require an investment of your time and effort in finding a good lover and maintaining the relationship. Just because you don't think investing in a relationship is worth it, doesn't mean it's not worth it to other men.