This sub is rightfully called "pussypassdenied", and it's a glorious sub that highlights women getting their just rewards for behaving like total cunts.

I just wanted to point out that this sub is also, passively, about emotional fitness. Men run the gauntlet of emotional fitness growing up; this comes in the form of rough housing and fighting with one another, taking and giving kicks and punches, as well as hard insults amongst friends (and sometimes legit aggressors).

The male experience prepares us for the real and harsh world of adulthood. Most men can take a hit and stay in the fight as long as he isn't knocked out, and often if you hit another dude he will immediately resort to fighting back without taking time to think about the hit he just took.

Women grow up so coddled by feminist ideals and "empowered" these days that they believe they are untouchable, and just as strong and capable as men, while completely lacking any emotional fitness whatsoever. This is incredibly apparent when a woman believes it's ok to hit a man, but is absolutely stunned when he responds with even the lightest of blows. She's typically out of the fight and/or needs to recover for an extended period of time before trying to come back just to get beat again. It is also apparent in the working world; when work becomes overwhelming, women feel the urge to cry, while men typically face it head on without complaint.

This is absolutely an off-my-chest type of rant, but now you know.