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4,000 Subscribers and 11 men posting in OYS?

April 7, 2020

For all the men who subscribe to this subreddit, there are two things that are mandatory for making progress:

  1. Reading the RPC sidebar material
  2. Posting in the weekly RPC OYS

What is your excuse for not taking 5 minutes each week for accountability and mentoring from the advanced guys? Don't you want to improve?

Men say they love God but they don't pray daily. Men say they want to follow Jesus but they won't read and study the Bible. Men say they want to be the leader of their family but they don't pray or study with their wives and children. Stop saying you love God. Stop saying you want to follow Jesus. Stop saying you want to become the leader of your family UNTIL YOU START ACTING!

I've been here long enough to identify the men who only want to talk about making progress. They are all talk. They don't lift, they don't post in OYS, they don't read or study the Bible and they skimmed over the sidebar reading. What they do have is excuses. They are either too scared or too lazy for accountability. And they always want to argue about theology.

Post to OYS every week. Be honest about your life. The more advanced men are here to help and encourage you. You need guidance because your life is probably a disaster.

Or just keep lurking, making comments and never take real action. Just like the other 4,000 guys who want to make excuses instead of progress.

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