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8 Resolutions for Christian Husbands (fixed)

October 11, 2020

Several years ago The Gospel Coalition put out an article titled "8 Resolutions for the Christian Husband" written by Trevix Wax. I was only recently made aware of this article. Upon reading this short article I couldn't help but mentally correct it as I went along. Below is the corrected article, point-by-point.

1. I will tame my tongue. When it comes to my wife, I need to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.

FTFY: I will speak the truth, lovingly but without apology, even when my wife doesn't want to hear it. I will not cower before her tantrums nor shirk my responsibility to wash her with the Word.

2. I will talk to my wife the way I would if a special and important person were visiting my home.

FTFY: Just as Sarah called Abraham her Lord (1 Peter 3:6) I will teach my wife to demonstrate similar respect and deference toward me with both her behavior and words.

3. I will always be upbeat and positive in my interactions with my wife. I am not called to critique her. I am called to love and accept her.

FTFY: As her husband, my wife belongs to me. Tending to her personal growth is one of my responsibilities. When she is out of line or exhibiting destructive, or otherwise sinful, behavior, I will be patient, but clearly and directly correct the behavior.

4. I won’t use my words to try to take from her. I will just give and bless, thinking about what she needs, not what I need.

FTFY: My wife is called to be a helpmate. I will give her guidance on how she can best serve me, our family, and the corner of the Kingdom I have been given by God to be responsible for. I will praise her for being capable and when cheerfully carrying out her role.

5. I will strive to serve my wife every day.

FTFY: I will strive to serve God every day.

6. I will win my wife’s heart so she, in turn, will want to be mine.

FTFY: I will strive to realize my God-given potential, and as a pleasant side-effect, my wife will eagerly desire me as I grow in strength.

7. Just as divorce is not an option with me, I want that same reality to be true for negativity or harshness with my wife. It is not an option for me to be harsh with my wife. Not under any circumstance. Ever.

FTFY: I will patiently teach my wife to approach me respectfully whenever she is concerned about my judgement or decisions. As my first mate, I will value my wife's input when it is presented appropriately and effectively.

8. I will sow seeds of righteousness by consistently committing to walk with the Lord. God will give me the power to bear this fruit and love my wife wholeheartedly.

FTFY: I will sow seeds of righteousness by consistently turning to God's Word and not the ignorant babbling of politically correct feminized "pastors" and teachers. The most loving thing I can do for my wife is to strive to order our marriage in accordance with God's revealed design, in scripture and in nature, no matter how unpopular it may seem to modern minds.

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