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Aristotelian Categories: Essentials, Accidents, and Alphas

February 14, 2019

# Aristotelian Categories: Essentials, Accidents, and Alphas

>> "Aristotle made a distinction between the essential and accidental properties of a thing. For example, a chair can be made of wood or metal, but this is accidental to its being a chair: that is, it is still a chair regardless of the material from which it is made. To put this in technical terms, an accident is a property which has no necessary connection to the essence of the thing being described.

>> To take another example, all bachelors are unmarried: this is a necessary or essential property of what it means to be a bachelor. A particular bachelor may have brown hair, but this would be a property particular to that individual, and with respect to his bachelorhood it would be an accidental property. And this distinction is independent of experimental verification: even if for some reason all the unmarried men with non-brown hair were killed, and every single existent bachelor had brown hair, the property of having brown hair would still be accidental, since it would still be logically possible for a bachelor to have hair of another color." - [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accident_(philosophy))

**Alpha** is an *essential* whereas many aspects of an Alpha are *accidents* or *properties*. To consider every possible property of an Alpha is an impossible task; Alphas can be black or white, blonde or brunette, tan or pale, silent or extroverted, the list goes on. Ultimately Women are far less concerned about the properties of an alpha than we tend to be. Why? Because they do not identify a man as an alpha.

Imagine you wanted to get a dog. Would it make sense to get excited about the first critter you find with four legs? Of course not, you could end up with a sheep or any other number of animals. Even a critter with four legs, sharp teeth, and a long tongue shouldn't get us too excited because reptiles and many other animals qualify. So what do you do? You identify from the negative, you look for anything that would disqualify the critter from being a dog as that is a far more efficient way of identifying something.

It has scales? Not a dog. Eight legs? Not a dog. Poison bite? Not a dog. Etc.

## "Be alpha, don't be beta"

Perhaps one of the most important of RP fundamentals is the phrase, "be attractive, don't be unattractive." In the balance, unattractive traits are "heavier" and weigh more than attractive traits. Being handsome and well dressed don't mean much if you smell terrible or eat your boogers. Even though it is far easier to stop smelling bad or stop eating your boogers than it is to be handsome or well dressed, those unattractive traits can easily spoil whatever gains were made in terms of being attractive. In fact, it would be better to be absent of both attractive and unattractive qualities than to have too many unattractive ones. This is why the first area of focus for most men needs to be a ruthless focus on eliminating unattractive qualities.

This logic could be extended to "be alpha, don't be beta". No matter how alpha you appear to be, exhibiting beta behaviors can quickly undermine you. In fact, a man with no obvious alpha qualities but no apparent beta qualities is likely to receive the benefit of the doubt and be perceived as more alpha than he really is, merely by not tripping himself up.

## Focus on the Essentials

Not all alpha or beta behaviors are created equal. An alpha can be lazy and unmotivated in such a way that it demonstrates IDGAF attitude and still comes off as alpha, whereas a lazy beta will be scorned by men and women alike. This is because alphas is an essential, laziness is merely a property.

The main focus must be on becoming the essential of alpha, not just learning how to behave like an alpha. You can train a goat to act much like a dog, but no matter how dog-like it behaves, it will never be a dog.

The first and primary batter to win is your own mind and self-perception. Fake it until you make it works, to a point, but unless you internalize the essence of alpha, all you can hope to aspire to is a beta trained to behave like an alpha.

Fortunately, we aren't talking about goats or dogs, but an internal state of the mind. So how does one change their internal "essential" state? You must fight to rule your spirit. Perhaps the most succinct definition of a a beta is: "a man who lacks control over his spirit". His emotional state is determined by outside forces. His motivating ebs and flows based on circumstances beyond his control. Everything else is exerting influence over his spirit; his spirit controls nothing.

>> "Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city." - Proverb 16:32

The man who rules over his spirit, who takes dominion over the internal workings of his God given mind and body, has accomplished more than the man who conquered a city. Self-control is rare. So rare that it is largely supernatural, a fruit of the spirit.

What is the essence of Alpha? Self-control. Self-possession. Self ruler-ship. Self-ownership. Ultimately every beta behavior that women find repugnant is a behavior that clearly demonstrates a lack of self ruler-ship. Text or call her constantly? Get upset at her tests? Choreplay? She sees you do not rule your spirit, your emotions, or your mission. Amused mastery, kino, outcome independence, etc. all demonstrate self-possession and independence from external influences.

Women want men to rule their spirit and have self control It turns them on. She will not submit to a man who's spirit has not been brought into submission to his will. Ultimately, a man who cannot well rule himself cannot well rule a woman.

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