Daily Game Plan For Quarantine

March 23, 2020

Here's a quick & short checklist for each day we are in quarantine. This may be the game plan for the foreseeable future. This list not only makes your day productive and keeps you from wasting time, it keeps your attraction level high for those of us who are married.

I screenshot this for daily review on my phone.

- - - -

  • Physical Checklist - This puts you in the right mindset for the day
  1. Wake up early
  2. Workout
  3. Shower & shave
  4. Dress sharp & wear cologne
  • Spiritual Checklist - This puts your focus on God
  1. Read the Bible. Not a commentary, not a christian book, the actual Holy Bible
  2. Start a formal Bible Study, I recommend 5 Aspects Of Man but many are available on Amazon. Choose one with a workbook and questions so you have to think and write.
  3. Pray. Try using a prayer journal.
  • Productivity Checklist - This puts you in action and is a display of high value
  1. Plan a fun day. Board games, family workout, charades, dance party with the kids, wife sexy spa treatment massage, nerf gun battle, hiking, biking. You have fun activities planned, right?
  2. Take care of business. Pay bills, work on the house, wash the cars, mow the grass, clean the gutter, blow out the driveway, repaint a room, deep clean the bathroom, get rid of old clothes. Rarely or never be sitting around.
  3. Learn new skills. Learn to type 100+ words a minute, learn piano or guitar, plant a garden. You want to grow and develop during this time.
  • Leadership checklist - Because you are the captain of the ship
  1. Lead devotionals with your family
  2. Pray with your wife OUT LOUD
  3. Initiate sex
  4. Discipline the kids - please don't make your wife do this while you watch
  5. Manage your finances
  6. OYS on RPC

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