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Do Looks Matter – The Maroon Pill and The Apex Alpha Predator…

December 11, 2018


TLDR: The black pill at it’s best talks about genetic determinism or looks and these are very important. The power dynamic between men and women is always best when women look up to their men and feel like they are better than them (hypergamy) – so much so, that you want a woman who is a “heck yes” woman who will “ride and die” with you, convincing a woman you are good enough will likely lead to long term failure. Social media and feminism have inflated women’s egos so much that every woman now believes her SMV is 2-3 points higher than it actually is. The reality is all the likes she gets on social media are just attempts for males to get sex from her rather than actually give her a satisfying relationship (with 500 likes, I should get man who will do everything for me – rather than, they just want to have sex with me). The Apex Alpha Predator experiment proves this, where you use a fake male model tinder profile to watch women do anything and everything to get with this male regardless of any of the red pill game / tactics you may learn. The Maroon Pill realizes that looks are critical to a males success and the true reality is that the relationship dynamic between men and women is always best when there is a large perceived SMV gap between the male and female. You should only enter into a LTR with a woman who says “heck yes” (surely this isn’t the only vetting criteria, but it’s an essential one).

You’ve been lied to. Looks matter. They matter so much that they may be as important as any element in your ability to attract a woman. Let’s break this down.

I stumbled onto something called the black pill, now before you hang up the phone and tune out, let me say this – I don’t recommend anyone follow or read a lot of black pill material. I could summarize the black pill as this, in it’s best it’s saying that there is some genetic determinism (i.e. the classic nurture vs nature argument) and at it’s worst it says you are hopeless and have no chance with women. Is it true? Well, like all things there are elements of truth to it.

Let me start out by laying the landscape of dating. The modern woman has greatly benefited from the toil of generations of men (this post is written for men, surely our female readers would say the same for men, which I wouldn’t deny). However, men have fought wars, made government, built infrastructure including roads, buildings, invented machines to make life easier, designed cars. Now a feminist may say that men haven’t done all these things, but literally they have. Men have largely done all of the things on this list. Now there has always been this useful power dynamic between men and women. There are stories of how the unknown maiden is swept off her feet by the prince. There is the king that marries the young woman. Look at many classic stories, they follow this power dynamic. There was a recent film that was a huge success called “Crazy Rich Asians”, guess what the story had – rich guy with huge SMV advantage attracts young woman into his world. That’s also 50 Shades of Grey. You will find that all the most successful male female relationship movies follow a dynamic like this? Why? Because many of the red pill things you learn about are true – women want to be lead, taken into a powerful man’s frame, they like to feel intimidated by a man and they get off on competition anxiety especially when they win the attention of that apex alpha male.

I’ve listened to many of the red pill podcasts and they rightfully recommend that you want a “heck yes” woman (I will use that instead of “hell” for this post). You want a woman who really desires you and says “heck yes” when you ask her to do things. This again is that power balance, when a woman truly adores her man and looks up to him she will stay with him. There was a very interesting article written on The Red Pill about how women use hypergamy to be monogamous – and how you should never forgive a cheating female. Why? Because women desire one man at a time – the best male they think they can get. That’s why they want commitment (of that best male). However, if they get bored and cheat – the flip has switched, they now believe they don’t have the best male they can get. There was a joke in a Seinfeld episode that this great woman had settled on a man that wasn’t good enough. It’s the ultimate putdown for a woman, settling… well, the second she cheats, you are no longer the best she can get and she wants something else. Think about women like Jacqueline Onassis who was married to JFK. He cheated up a storm but she always wanted him and stayed with him, because she was his alpha – she was the one she wanted most. Women truly don’t mind sharing the apex alpha. They prefer sharing that guy than obtaining a lame beta. Men on the other hand are different. A cheating male can be forgiven (I mean by the woman) because he’s just trying to get his rocks off. It’s his sexual strategy to have sex with wide ranges of women – remember Hugh Grant (a movie star) hooking up with a random unattractive prostitute while dating Elizabeth Hurley (a dropdead gorgeous woman)… men just want sex.

So I’ve said two things: Women are best attracted to men that are much superior to them in SMV and men are best with women who really desire them, who think, “heck yes!”. Well, now let’s talk about the modern dating world.

Social media and tinder have unlocked hypergamy. Every woman with a pair of breasts can now get hundreds if not thousands of followers (beta orbiters). I have to start using SMV values 1-10 because it’s the only way to communicate these ideas (I don’t like the scale personally). Yet, every 6 can now garner so much attention, praise, and orbiters that she thinks she is an 8. Every 7 can think she is a 9. Yes, 4s and 5s think they are 6s and 7s. Let’s pause here and ask why men give women so much attention – either they want to just enjoy looking at them or they actually think they may have sex with these women. Regardless, most men following or liking women on social media are simply after sex. Now the woman probably thinks, I have so many men liking me and matching with me, they will all be good suitors and want to be in relationships with me. I have so much choice! And they match with that alpha male who is a 9, but he just “pumps and dumps” – like many of the other guys who are so much higher in SMV… why? Because that 9 guy has literally hundreds of girls to choose from – so the chances of him locking down all these women is zero because polygamy in LTRs isn’t a reality. This is why you go on dating apps and see all these 7s and 8s that are still single and childless but gorgeous. They think they are 9s and deserve a 10 male. A male that is rich, fit, gorgeous, earns more than her, is socially better than her, etc.

The reality is that the inflated egos of these women are not able to be satisfied. At least not like social media can validate and satisfy her. As one reply said in another thread, she is married to Instagram.

So what does this have to do with the black pill? I stumbled onto this tinder experiment where these black piller combat the idea that looks don’t matter. Now the black pill is dangerous because looks aren’t everything or the only thing – but they are right that they are critical to success. Here is a video, it’s short but interesting:


This Youtuber creates a fake dating profile of a new male model to show how to unleash female’s hypergamy. He uses lame pickup lames, terrible game and still gets women drooling all over him. If you are anything less than a white male who is a 7 or above, then I think you should try this experiment yourself. If you are a minority or less than a 7, you should really do this. Why? Because you likely have never experienced the “heck yeah” desire that I was talking about above. A woman needs to be (or BELIEVE she is) a good 2-3 points less than you to get this “heck yeah” desire. It takes 5-7 minutes to set up and then it’s a few hours of enlightening entertainment with some of the hottest women in your city.

I did just that. It’s simple. Create a new profile, you need a phone number, then crop 4-5 photos from a white male Instagram model. I would recommend you crop photos that look like selfies, don’t do the professionally done DSLR photos with filters – simple photos that are less professional with a super attractive male model. Here’s what happened:

The Apex Alpha Predator Experiment:

I call this the Apex Alpha Predator experiment. You are basically seeing women through the eyes of a guy who has all the sexual selectivity in the world. Much like the above video, I found a whole new side of women. I personally am like a 6 or 7 and based on the environment and my income, I’d like to think I could boost myself a little but solely looks I’m a 6 or 7. The only women who think “heck yes” with me are 4s and 5s. Now if I worked on my game solid and did all I could, could I hit an 8? Maybe, but not likely. Clearly being super rich, famous or an athlete throws all logic out the door and makes 6s into 9s… but just go with the general idea here. My point is, I experienced what I never have before – women drooling over my fake guy’s profile and being all kinds of stupid. I tried to make this guy the most inappropriate and gameless guy I could. I used openers like, “nice bod” “you look hot” “I don’t want serious only casual – that cool?” I used the terrible English, never asked women one question about themselves, even opened with “sup” sometimes. As you can imagine, I matched with some of the hottest women in my city. 3-4 messages in I told a woman, “nice breasts” who was a older 30s woman who was an 8 or 9 – drop dead gorgeous, and she liked the message. Literally this guy could do no wrong. One 9 who was 24 opened me with, “I want you” and offered to come over to my apartment. One woman who was an 8 with an amazing body accused me of something and I was short with her, she sent me a message an hour later that she dreamed she had a first date with me and that she wanted to meet me very soon. Other girls agreed to Netflix and Chill on a first date with only 6-7 messages and absolutely NO interest in them other than saying, “nice bod” or “you’re hot” – “are you cool with casual”. Another woman, 24 year old 8 offered me her number after I opened her with “nice bod”. Literally any and every opener worked and game was not necessary. This profile matched maybe 100 times more than my own personal profile (and I didn’t show any special photos, they were all selfies in rooms – it wasn’t like I painted some fantastic life for this guy).

So yes, the black pill guys are right that all the things we preach about game in the red pill are viewed under a certain lens – which is this:

The SMV gap – understanding game

If your SMV gap is believed to be 2-3 points higher than the female, that will be best because she will look up to you and want to please you. She will dread losing you. All classic stuff. The issue is that feminism and social media are inflating women’s egos so much that that 5s think they are 7s and 7s think they are 9s. So if you are a 7 and are interacting with a woman on social media, she will never truly look up to you – unless she is a 4 or 5. If she is a 7 then you will be a guy she’s settling on. Tucker Carlson mentions this about income in the following clip:


Women are now earning more and less men can be their superior. But this is only looking at income, now with social media (that’s a competition too – who has more social media friends / followers), social groups, etc. There are many areas for women to “compete” with men and if they feel they are superior they will lose attraction for these men.

The Maroon Pill:

So yes, I think that genetics play an ever so large role. I recommend you spend 5-7 min making a fake tinder account and peering into this world if you are anything other than a white male 7+ on SMV. It only took a few hours and honestly was entertaining to see how boneheaded and worthless I could make this guy and still have nearly 100% positive feedback (one tip, don’t get the guy to look so good that it seems fake, you need to pick the male models worst pictures – or use a 9 male model, not a 10). The true female nature is to value looks as much if not more than men – the only difference I believe is that women more see looks as a “good enough” and then start to analyze all the other parts of game (finances, social status, intelligence, humor, etc). But the attractive male model can have none of those, I assure you, and still have sex with most any woman he wants. A woman likely has a looks barrier that she uses as a minimum and ONLY then does she start to assess all the other factors. In other words, if you are a 4 or 5 of 10, you will NOT be ever attracting a 7. Why? In today’s world the 7 thinks she’s a 9 if she uses social media. She will probably have a looks barrier of 7 and then start analyzing. She will feel dread and intimidation to a 9 or 10, basically an apex alpha predator. Now SMVs are dynamic and men can grow in SMV with time and women can decline (and vice versa, but men have more potential to grow in the 40s+ than women do).

The challenge for men, is what do you want to settle for. Women like to criticize men and say, “oh you can’t get a woman, blah blah blah” if you say something bad about feminism – one of the female readers here acused me of this. Yet the reality is, if I wanted to dip down into an SMV market of 4s, 5s, 6s – then I would have many more choices – but if I want to seek an SMV more closer to mine – 7s or even above mine, 8s – then I’m in a pickle because these women in today’s market want everything. So it’s never as simple as, you can’t get women. Because of obesity, there are plenty of unattractive women now – and if a man truly wanted to get an undesirable women, they are all around. But a man seeking attractive 7s or 8s that are virtuous women (and not promiscuous, single mothers, borderline personalities, or feminists) – this is much harder.

My simple conclusion from this experiment was that – women desire looks as much or more than men do but it’s more of a “good enough” SMV before she begins to analyze all the other attraction factors. Yet, the true power dynamic that women desire in their men is being destroyed by feminism and social media. Which will lead to many divorces and many single women not feeling like they can settle on all these men. Where have all the good men gone!?

I have no problem with the red pill and becoming the best version of yourself, in fact, it’s the only card you can play really. However, I do think it’s better for a man to find a “heck yes” woman. And this can only be done if your SMV highly dominates hers. This is why foreign women in poor countries claw and fight for men who are from the US, especially if they have good looks. Being a rich American is +2-3. Now, that 7 or 8 in South America sees the 7 American as an apex alpha. Yet it’s probably true if you are a 4 or 5, that’s not enough to get an 8 in South America. The issue with the red pill is that we often think if we strategize enough, get into the best possible shape, be confident and have a good career, that suddenly we can get any girl – the reality is, those factors will likely only enhance your SMV by 2-3 max… so if you are a 4 and you do all of that, you will not be getting a social media / feminist 7 – she thinks she’s a 9, and even if you did get her she will believe she is a 9 every time she goes on social media so she will divorce you eventually.

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